Cristian Culita

Cristian Culita is the founder of Logyos, overseeing all acceleration procedures of the company’s industries, projects and partnership at global level. His abilities and experiences since he was 14 years old in different environments and industries (watersports, security, IT & internet networks, retail, energy products, e-commerce etc.) prepared him at maximum possible level and produced the highest possible results and efficiency already predicted every time. He has a B.A. degree from Bucharest Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences.

Since 2007 he involved in e-commerce field based technologies industries at maximum possible level as bioelectrography specialist and representative of different technology manufacturers from Russia and also from US: the best manufacturer of the most researched energy products in the world for improving the well-being & performance. Previously he founded an internet network with hundreds of clients and sold it to an important local TV/Internet provider.

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